Inaugural episode of AdAge Illustrated, an animation series that recounts the stories of significant milestones and history in the advertising industry.

Ad Age Illustrated          
Carol H. Williams and the Rejected Script
Client: Ad Age, FCB
Illustrator, Co-Director, Animator

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Illustrator So A Ryu
Direction & Animation So A Ryu, Brian Steckel, Michael McAfee
Sound Design & Mix Jason Ryan, Batsi Zesaguli
Executive Producer Dan Delaney (FCB), Brian Braiker (AdAge),
Alfred Maskeroni (AdAge), Judy Pollack (AdAge)
Multimedia Producer Max Sternlicht (AdAge)

Awards 9 Film Festivals 2
Exhibitions 2 Publications 4

D&AD Wood Pencil
3x3 Best of Show
ADC 99 Merit