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+ Project
Tree pollen is the leading cause of seasonal allergies. Part of the reason? A lack of female trees. For decades, cities have preferred planting male trees over female trees because they’re easier to maintain. But male trees produce pollen. Female trees don’t. They absorb it. Claritin, the leader in allergy relief, decided to stake stand.

+ Idea

To launch the DiversiTree project,  we created the first brand identity for female trees. A bold visual identity rooted in the unique aspects of female trees that city planners have looked down upon for decades. Everything about female trees that were previously labeled “messy” by urban planners - like buds, seeds, and fruits - we turned into vibrant symbols of celebration, showcasing their important role in maintaining botanical balance. Leveraging the strength of a new brand identity, our design system pioneered a pathway to inspire empathy for female trees, ultimately transforming them into a rallying symbol for a more breathable future.

+ Role
Associate Design Director,
Co-direction with Tess Barnes  

+ Credit
Made with Tess Barnes, Andrea Siqueira, Abigail Chieppa, Jenna Nussbaum, and Viktoryia Kryvanos.