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One A Day

Design Strategy
Brand Identity + System

+ Project
With a legacy of 80 years, One A Day is a pioneer in target focused multi-vitamin. Utilizing science backed research to create formulas, OAD instilled the supplement mindset in its category. Today, with an increasingly saturated market and category filled with wellness tropes, OAD is losing shares from its competitors. We worked with One A Day to identify brand messaging that is rooted in the brand’s heritage and create identity that reflects the brand’s goal: bring clarity through science.

The wellness category has become increasingly difficult to navigate. There is wellness noise coming from everywhere. One A Day believes that, in a world full of “experts,” it’s time we listen to science: Science that Matters.

+ Role
Associate Design Director  

+ Credit
Made with Andrea Siqueira, Tess Barnes + Anna Gainer 
Interns: Sarah Wang, Lauren Frankforter